New Interior Design Trends for Modern Homes

New Interior Design Trends for Modern Homes
Interior design is one of the most interesting yet tricky concepts for homeowners and builders. One design can look good in a particular home but have a completely different effect on another home. With the design trends changing over the years to accommodate the shift in housing preferences, there are many trends that you can implement in your home to have that modernized feel. You can read more about interior design, just click on the link.

One of the dominant trends nowadays is the use of marble in flooring and kitchen tops. The good thing about integrating marble interiors in your home is that you don't need to have a deep knowledge of it. Interior designers can install marble easily in your home to give it a modern look as well as add value to it. Besides, builders will advise you on the best places where marble stone would work in your home and where it wouldn't.

Gone are the days when the ceiling was only supposed to be white. Nowadays, ceilings do come in different colors and textures. You can add interesting colors to your ceiling to create a perfect trend that will introduce elegance to your living room, kitchen, or even bedrooms. A colored ceiling coupled with great LED lights will make your experience in your home worthwhile.

The appeal of heavy drapes is slowly being replaced by the need for sheer drapes. This new trend focusses on letting in more light and providing transparency. This is the exact opposite of what heavy drapes were meant for. Sheers are available in many different textures and could be installed with inverted box pleats to provide a masculine and tailored look. While choosing sheers, play with colors that match with the theme of your house. Find out more information about interior design at this site.

There is a new dimension altogether in wall art that has occurred over the past few years. The introduction of 3D and vivid art has brought about many opportunities for creating desirable paintings and objects to be installed in the house. You can decide to go for ready-made paintings or have yours customized. The new methodology used in printing has made the process easier and faster. You won't have to wait for long to have your painting or 3D printed d?cor to arrive.  

Other interesting interior design trends include deco hues, corduroy upholstery, and macrame wall art paintings. Having a combination of these forms of art and d?cor in your home will create an exciting experience that you will love. Remember to find an interior designer who is knowledgeable in these designs for the best outcome. Seek more info about interior design at .
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